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Our Vision
Inspiring little minds to achieve their full potential

Our Mission
To bring out the GEMs in every child:
G - Grounded in solid Character
E - Enhanced Concentration
M - Multiple Competency
S - Socially Responsible

Our Logo
Our logo features 3 smile faces, signifying the triple gems in every child: Character, Concentration and Competency, which when fully developed will allow them to realize their highest potential. The focus on character, concentration and competency is likened to the focus on morality, concentration and wisdom as laid out in the path to happiness in Buddhism.

Our Environment
We provide a welcoming and friendly child-centered environment where the emphasis is on developing lively, positive and enquiring minds. By providing the same nurturing qualities of a home, we ensure that every child feels comforted and confident to begin their first independent experience away from home. Preparing your child for life by providing a well-rounded education is a key aspect of our school's philosophy.