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Our Curriculum
At My Little Gems, we believe that every child is a gem: precious and ready to shine. Through holistic development of their Character, Concentration and Competencies, we can bring out the Gems in them and transform them into to be highly motivated, confident and independent learners.

Character Building
A child’s character is often molded by their experiences and environment and not through instructional teachings. At My Little Gems, our teachers focus on children’s proficiencies and capabilities when they conceptualize the project work, rather than on areas that the children cannot yet or do not yet know, so that the children will be drawn to the project work and become intrinsically motivated to learn.

Additionally, our teachers act as facilitators and not just as instructors so that children learn through active participation in the planning, development and assessment of their own work. In so doing, they will develop a strong sense of responsibility and regard for learning, thereby becoming an independent learner.

We also encourage every child to express themselves through the spirit of inquiry and accept what they learn only if they truly understand the concepts. This will drive them to question, observe, find out for themselves and finally giving them the confidence to form opinions of their own – a vital trait of any future leader!

Finally, through songs, stories, role playing and games, we seek to impart positive qualities such as loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity, honesty and contentment; restraint of unwholesome desires and a clear and balanced mind.