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Concentration Enhancement
According to Isaac Newton, his discoveries are a result of concentrating his mind exclusively on a subject over a long period. Similarly, our children’s capacity to learn will be greatly enhanced if they are able to concentrate during lessons. At My Little Gems, child-appropriate Buddhist meditation techniques are used to enhance our children’s ability to give undivided attention to learning and whatever they do, so that they can excel in life.

With concentration, comes mindfulness. Our children will be more aware of their environment, mental and emotional states, thereby allowing them to see more choices and act more constructively in challenging situations. This translates to a more developed Right Brain, resulting in spontaneity, out of the box and parallel thinking and hence greater creativity and unique discoveries.

Other benefits of enhanced mindfulness includes the improvement in the emotional and mental well-being of an individual. Studies on the benefits of meditation or mindfulness based cognitive therapy are available from renowned educational institutions such as Oxford University, University of Massachusetts, University of Pennsylvania, etc.