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"When my elder brother tried to hit me, I did not retaliate, but instead I focused on my breathing exercise".
K2 Student, Ryan Choo (6 years old)

"After practicing the breathing exercise, I can sleep very well".
K1 Student (5 years old)

"I told my mommy I love her and I hugged her.".
N2 Student (4 years old)

"I am very pleased to see the progress of Jun Jie since he enrolled in My Little Gems. Besides focusing on his academic development, there is strong focus in developing his character through songs and stories as well as his ability to concentrate through child appropriate meditation exercises. Most importantly, I appreciate the regular update by his teachers on what he has learnt in school so that I can reinforce what he has learnt at home.

As a result, I soon decided to enroll Zhi Ning, my younger daughter. Although I was initially quite worried whether she would be able to adapt to school life, since I had to withdraw her from another centre which she could not adapt to even after a few months, I am very glad that my worries were unfounded.

Zhi Ning was able to adapt to My Little Gems almost immediately due to the friendly, dedicated and professional teachers at the centre. In fact, now she enjoys attending My Little Gems so much that she frequently tells me what she does in school.

Thank you MLG!"
Mother of Jun Jie (5yrs old) and Zhi Ning (3yrs old)

"For one whole term, when Eldrick was enrolled with another prestigious kindergarten in the East, every morning was nothing short of a nightmare. He cried, threw tantrums and protested,"I don't want to go to school!"

Fortunately for him, and for us, all these changed after we enrolled him in My Little Gems (MLG). The morning fights were greatly reduced within the first week. Soon, ...there was nothing left of it. He is now happy to go to school. I attribute this change to the teachers in MLG. Dedicated, caring and infinitely patient, they are the true gems!

After one term, the development in Eldrick is significant. He has become more receptive to instructions and is also more disciplined. Thanks to a curriculum that encourages the children to express their thought, his speech improved by leaps and bounds.

Our initial apprehension in changing school for him has turned to relief. We are very thankful to the teachers of MLG for their patience with, and more importantly, their genuine care for our little boy."
Mother of Eldrick Yip (4yrs old)

"In the short 2 months that Caden is enrolled in My Little Gems, I am already impressed by the holistic curriculum and the passion of the staff in the school.

The children are exposed to critical aspects of learning such as exploration and concentration, allowing them to pick up things at a faster pace. I also enjoyed all the songs that Caden learnt in school, with their cheerful melodies and meaningful lyrics. Not to forget, the handicrafts that my son did were also oozing with creativity and fun. All these make learning fun for the children and the children longing to go back to school.

Last but not least, the staff in the school has been amazing! The teachers have been constantly communicating with me about the development of my son. Such care and commitment displayed by everyone at MLG is priceless. And I deeply appreciate that.

Thanks My Little Gens."
Parents of Caden Teo (3yrs old)

"When my son joined My Little Gems, I was worried that he will take weeks to adapt to his new environment. I am glad that my initial worry was unnecessary. Right from the first day, he likes the school and played happily in his classroom. On the 2nd day, he walked confidently into his classroom on his own. My Little Gems offers a unique environment where children are free to play in the classroom when they arrive early. This flexible arrangement allows children to gradually settle in and be comfortable with their new environment.

During the recent Parent-Teacher Meeting cum Project Presentation by the children, I was immensely impressed by the group presentation and performances by my son and his friends in the pre-nursery class to all the parents and visitors. In contrast to my son's previous preschool, the children at My Little Gems performed without any reservation, whereas a number of children in his previous preschool were crying during the performance.

My Little Gems provides the most conducive platform for children to build their confidence and to enhance their ability to learn independently."
Mother of Everett Chua (3yrs old)

"I am glad that I enrolled Quan Le in My Little Gems. Whenever I asked him "do you like your school and teachers?" His answer is always very positive. From the photographs of his class activities, I know that he is indeed enjoying himself in school.

With the regular feedback from the teachers and principal about his progress, I am confident that he is in good hands. I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff at MLG. Thank you very much! Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu..."
Mother of Quan Le (3yrs old)