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Competency Acquisition
With the right foundation in character and concentration, competency can be easily acquired. My Little Gems seeks to help our children acquire competencies in the following 6 areas: In each these areas, there are expectations of achievement known as the Early Learning Goals. These form the knowledge, skills and understanding that children should have acquired by the end of each year.

According to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, “Innovation is what distinguishes a leader and a follower”.  In order to develop the Leader in our students, we seek to unleash their creative energies by giving them the freedom to initiate and participate in their very own creative projects, be it musical expression, painting and drawing, pretend play, games or just running around.

More importantly, we help them sharpen their Creative focus through My Little Gem’s unique concentration and mindfulness exercises adapted from Buddhist meditation techniques. This will spur the development of their Right Brain, allowing them to be more aware of their environment, mental and emotional states, hence enabling them to see more choices, draw parallels and become more creative.

Communication, Language and Literacy (with Strong Emphasis on Chinese)
With the world’s attention increasingly focused on China, it is increasingly important for our children to be proficient in Mandarin in order to communicate and conduct businesses with China in the future. To boost children’s Mandarin proficiency, we place strong emphasis on the Chinese language so that the children will have more opportunities to express themselves in Mandarin. At the same time, learning Chinese will be fun and easy through songs, stories, games, drama, arts, etc. Finally, through small group project discussions, providing rich content for conversation, the children’s competency in both languages can be greatly enhanced.

Thinking Skills
One of the key features of experiential learning is in developing children’s thinking skills. The following thinking skills are those that My Little Gems will focus on:

- the skills to find, compare, contrast and analyse relevant information
- the skills to substantiate opinions and actions with reasons as well as draw inferences and make deductions
- the skills to ask pertinent questions, to plan what to do and how to research, and anticipate consequences and test hypotheses as well as build on ideas
Creative Thinking
- the skills to initiate and build on ideas, to think out of the box and look for alternative novel outcomes
- the skills to assess information, to form an opinion on the value of their own and others' work or ideas and to have confidence in their judgements

Motor Skills
Through well-structured outdoor and indoor games and play activities, children learn vital motor skills necessary for their development as well as gain self-confidence, sportsmanship and a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

Learning numeracy for young children can never be easier through songs, games, rhythms and hands-on activities. At My Little Gems, numeracy is also taught in the context of the children’s environment so that they relate to what is taught and apply what they have learnt.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
A key feature of our curriculum is to encourage children to develop a deep curiosity in the world around them through exploration, observation, investigation and reflection of what they have learnt. Compared to teacher-directed or rote learning, children are able to retain what they have learnt by themselves longer and would be able to draw parallels to their new experiences and take on new challenges in stride.